0. Castra Vetera - Traiectum - Utrecht - Veteris, Vidrus, 
now Vecht to Zandvoort

1a. Wedrou - Zandvoort - Estuary of the Vidrus coming
from Castra Vetera now the the city of Utrecht
along Kockengen into the Haarlemmermeer

1.b. Angstel - River - from Breukelen (Brookline) into the Amstel
at Amsterdam on the Vecht track out of Castra Vetera

2. Ascalingion - Kamperhoofd and Kamperbrug - The Roman camp in Amsterdam at The Nabalia (Oude Waal) and Ascal (Angstel, Amstel) Rivers

3. Navalia - Nautic Velsen - The Naval camp archeology Site 1 in Velsen

4. Insula Flevo - Kampereiland - The Roman location opposite Kampen

5. Mararmanis Litus - Camperduin - Sea Army or Marine or Coast Guard at the seashore southern the Nabalia Estuary (also see 2 and 3)

6. Mediolanum - Middenlaan (Middlelane) - Ingelopen (Inrunning) - Kreupel Wagenpad (Cripple Wagonpath) - A very long Dike in Medemblik in the former Westfrisian Middle Sea (IJsselmeer) onto Stavoren, Hindeloopen (Outrunning) and Lopens (Running)

 7. Tecelia - Texel - The Naval camp at the Mokweg

8. Fleum - Vliestroom - Vliestroom Estuary (also see 4 and 6)

9. Si-at-ut-anda - Say Abt or Andelen - The former island Atlantis in between Sexbierum (the Saxo Biro heim) and Vlieland. The Abt (noble) a Seabank is with the volcano chamber Griend (cry) the whole Abtland (ref. see my Ath oer Alinda Article)

10. Amasiou - Eems - Eems Estuary nearby Bierum


Supporting material:

Ptolemaeus Error Correction in Menso Alting work by Heinsius

Frisia by D.I. Hopperus

Batavia and Frisia by A. Buchelius

The Netherlands before the Roman time

The Netherlands in the Roman time

The former Middle Sea in Friesland

The Netherlands in the Roman time

Frisiae Veteris in Atlas Schotanus

The Netherlands in the Roman time

Scaldia in Flandria

Germania Infererior during the Roman expansion

The Lower Countries in the Roman era

The Lower Countries in 724 A.D.

Frisia in the Northwest of Europe around 1000 A.D.

Frisia in the antiquity by deep satellite photo

The Wadden Sea Vliestroom Estuary

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